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Art in the Woods

People respond differently to the woods that are a big part of the landscape at Glen Villa It’s hard to miss the difference. Some hike through the forest intent on getting someplace, noticing very little.  Others spy things I’ve never seen. The art installations I’m creating throughout the property generate widely different reactions. For some people,…

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A Path to The Egg

Glen Villa is about the land and the people who have lived on it, me and my family and the generations that preceded us. It’s about the emotions that plants and objects arranged artfully can evoke in those who take the time to really look at what is around them. It’s about the land beyond…

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History Made Visible

             “Landscape is history made visible,” said J.B. Jackson, the American cultural geographer. I subscribe wholeheartedly to this idea.             Every piece of land has a history. Glen Villa has lots – in fact, you almost trip over it here. The waterfall, for instance, started life over a century ago,…

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Introducing Glen Villa

People say that a first blog post should start with a statement of principle, something that lets people know what the blog will be about. I’m not sure how this blog will evolve. I know I want to write about my garden, Glen Villa, and about how it got to be what it is. I…

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