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A stormy sky in the late afternoon adds drama to the scene.

Colour in the Garden

It’s been raining steadily for the last few days and most trees have lost their leaves. But not all. The linden tree  at the end of the lawn was radiant one day last week, just before the rain began to fall. Colour remains, but you have to look more closely to find it. The hydrangea bushes…

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A few magazines, chosen at random

The Inward Garden: A Retrospective Book Review

Not long ago I spent some time going through old gardening magazines. I was looking for photos to use for an art project but the articles and ads I came across proved more diverting than I expected. Magazines used to be ubiquitous. No longer. At least two of the magazines I was thumbing through have gone out…

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Following my tree: October

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, a holiday that usually coincides with the best colour of the fall season. This year, colours hit their peak a week or so ago, and are still going strong. They were, and are, spectacular! Not so the colours of my poor little corkscrew hazel. I’m starting to feel sorry for the tree:…

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Coup de Foudre-1

Launching Site and Insight: Reflecting on Art and Landscape

Et, voila! Welcome to the new Glen Villa Gardens website, Site and Insight: Reflecting on Art and Landscape. The new Site and Insight merges my old website and my weekly blog, and adds new features with more information about gardens, landscape and art. I’m delighted with the appearance and the ease with which readers can move through the various…

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Pointing to the present

Talk about à propos. Recently I came across the words below, written by the great British landscape architect and designer, Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe. They struck a chord — a loud chord in a major key. The past is now pointing me to a soon-to-be present, with a new website and blog combined. For those of you…

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