Glen Villa Art Garden is open to university students and their professors by prior arrangement from May to October. Seminars offer an opportunity for students and their professors to go beyond the classroom and online instruction, exploring concepts that expand their curriculum. “Reading the landscape” is the theme of this unique experience, which explores the artist’s approach to history, memory and our relationship to the land.


While specifics for each program will be worked out with the course leader, a typical visit will include:

  • Arrival and welcome to Glen Villa
  • 1½–2 hr walk through Glen Villa Art Garden and Timelines Trail, guided by Patterson or by professor
  • Questions and discussion on site, led by professor or by Patterson
  • The program is suitable for students studying relevant topics in art history, fine arts, philosophy, classics, architecture, landscape architecture, literature, and Quebec, local and indigenous history.

There is no cost for this program. Visits must be booked in advance. Glen Villa Art Garden is situated on the shore of Lake Massawippi, a short distance from North Hatley, Quebec. The property is hilly and is not wheelchair-accessible.


To book a visit or for more information, please contact us.

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