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This photo is from September 2014. The plants have grown a lot since then.

Happy Birthday!

Three years ago, on January 26 2013, I wrote my first blog post. Since then I’ve published 170 pieces, an average of slightly more than one post per week. In my first post, I wrote that I saw the blog as a forum, a place to reflect on my own garden, Glen Villa, “and about how it got…

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Tree trunks cast shadows across the snow.

Shadows on my Mind

January has brought some bright blue-sky days, with strong sunlight casting shadows on the snow. These dark lines are a common winter sight in Quebec, and in my garden Glen Villa, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships.     Usually, these shadows are simply a visual echo of the real thing, but occasionally they appear more substantial than the object…

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Primary colours are used boldly at the Madoo Conservancy.

Madoo Conservancy: A Garden Review

The Madoo Conservancy is a garden created over a period of almost forty years by the artist Robert Dash. Located in Sagaponack, New York, at the eastern end of Long Island, it is a destination garden, described as a magical oasis that evokes delight. It is a garden praised by many, including Rosemary Verey, the…

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Spruce trees are particularly appealing after a winter snowstorm.

Winter Wonderland

Winter arrived a few days ago. It was later than usual but it came with impressive intensity. Winds blew, snow fell. And now, all around us, are winter’s wonders.   I’m not sure how much snow has fallen, but judging from the snow peaked on top of the Chinese pot, 10 inches/25.5 cms would be…

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The future is as misty as the piece of land partly hidden by the tree branches.

Looking Ahead to 2016

Two weeks ago I looked back at Glen Villa to see what I accomplished in 2015. Last week I reviewed the gardens I visited during the year. So as we approach the new year, the topic of today’s post is almost inevitable: my garden plans for 2016. Announcing goals has positive and negative aspects. Seeing something that is…

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