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The section of green grass is the path we are mowing.

The Big Lawn Becomes The Big Meadow

Four weeks ago I wrote about the experiment I’m conducting this year on the Big Lawn. The idea was simple: let the grass grow and see what happens. My husband suggested the idea as a way to discourage the Canada geese who were frequenting the lawn and who don’t like long grass. I was sceptical but he…

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This view from October 2005 shows colourful sumac and a crumbling stone wall.

The Cascade: A Work in Progress

One of the first areas we added to the garden at Glen Villa was the Cascade. It came about almost by accident, as we were modifying the entry to the house. Doing this meant lowering the driveway by eight feet; as we did, we uncovered a stream hidden underground. And so the Cascade was born. Unfortunately I have…

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This side view of the hillside in the Lower Garden shows the stone wall that was part of a summer cottage that once stood at this spot.

The Lower Garden

The downside of going away in May and June is not being at home. As much as I loved touring some amazing gardens in England and seeing some inspiring outdoor art, I missed being at Glen Villa, my garden in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, during the peak time for planting and transplanting. Not to worry, though,…

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This was the view from the house out onto the big lawn in May 2015. The path in the grass was the result of heavy equipment crossing the lawn earlier in the spring.

Lawn to Meadow, Part 1

  Last year, an unbearable number of Canada geese decided they liked our big lawn. We didn’t like them, or what they left behind. Shouting didn’t make them go away, running at them was  a joke. But we knew that if our lawn was to be usable, the geese had to go. I asked anyone I…

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