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Poor little snowdrops, coated with ice from this morning

The Unsprung Spring

Spring just won’t make up its mind. One day it cracks open the door, the next day, slams it shut. And I’m fed up! Come on, Spring, get a move on. Some years, snowdrops have finished by now. This year, they have barely started.     In a normal spring, by now water would be splashing gaily…

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On a snowy day in January, my husband and i snowshoed past Orin

It’s Maple Syrup Time!

It’s that super sweet time of the year, when sap is transformed into maple syrup. We’ve been making maple syrup at Glen Villa for many years now. My father-in-law tapped trees and the site of his old sugar camp is now an art installation in the woods.     Making maple syrup takes time, particularly…

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eggs (1 of 1)

The Best Egg Ever

What’s Easter without an egg or two?   With 18 family members around on the weekend, the eggs disappeared almost as quickly as they were found.   This most beautiful of eggs was a special treat… before,   during,     and after.     Thanks, Sandra!

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The Upper Room is pristine in the morning light.

The Upper Room in Winter

The Upper Room is as glorious in winter as it is in spring, summer and fall. The highlight in every season is the beautiful screen outlining the bare branches of a dogwood tree.     Drawn by the Montreal artist Mary Martha Guy, the tree branches become more starkly striking with the late afternoon sun…

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This view shows the Aqueduct shortly after it was completed in September 2014.


I’m happy to share some very good news — the Aqueduct at Glen Villa is the winner of the grand prize for design in the residential category at ADIQ, the Quebec industrial designers association.     This prestigious prize recognizes the work of designer and friend Eric Fleury, of the landscape architecture firm, Hodgins and Associates…

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