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Meagher, Timelines-009

A Three Part Garden

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to visit a garden in the small village of North Hatley, Quebec, where I live, to see the work of garden makers Jane Meagher and Jean Vanaise. Here, over about ten years, they have transformed a one-acre town lot into a lushly varied garden. The transformation began when they decided…

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In Transit/En Route in 2020

In Transit/En Route is part of Timelines, the trail at Glen Villa that explores ideas about time, memory and our relationship to the land. Dating back to 2009, it was one of the first sections of Timelines I built and was an inspiration for all that followed. Over the intervening years, In Transit/En Route has undergone many changes,…

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This overview of the sunny side of Bosco della Ragnaia illustrates how the garden maker has played with perspective and historic precedence.

Bosco della Ragnaia: A Garden for the Mind

Gardens and the peace they can bring are much on my mind today, as the number of people infected with COVID-19 continues to grow.  It is a fact that gardens can heal the body as well as the mind. Research from around the world tells us that even brief contacts with nature are beneficial, lowering…

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The Upper Room in 2020

The Upper Room is the memorial I created to remember and honour my mother. Designed to reflect the things most important to her — her family, her religious beliefs and her dedication to Virginia and its institutions —  the Upper Room is a small formal area set amidst a natural forest on a hillside above…

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The colour of the soil gives you an idea of its quality -- not great.

Planting the North South Arrow

Last week I wrote about the genesis of the North South Arrow, the new area we are planting at Glen Villa, describing how the concept for the area changed over time. Today I’m writing about the plants I chose and how I decided to arrange them. Jacques had warned me that the soil on site…

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