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Througham Court: A Garden of Ideas

Are gardens intellectual endeavours or places to soothe the spirits? If a garden is intended to be a conceptual work of art, does it succeed if it has to be explained? And what responsibility rests on the person viewing the garden to understand the ideas that shaped it? Make the questions personal: should I have…

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The linden just after last year

A New Tree to Follow

Last year I ‘followed’ a tree, a rather pitiful corkscrew hazel, becoming less and less enamoured with it as each month passed. But I enjoyed the process of closely examining the tree and chronicling the changes month to month — and I enjoyed following other trees written about by other tree lovers from around the world. I…

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Anne Norton Sculpture Garden

A Quiz for the New Year

I love quizzes, crossword puzzles and any kind of mind-testing game. For years, they have been a feature of our family’s New Year celebrations. So as the final blog post of 2014, why not join in the fun? I wish I had thought of the quiz idea myself but I am borrowing it — quite shamelessly…

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The China Terrace: A Conceptual Garden

A few weeks ago I told the story of how Glen Villa got its name, from the old resort hotel that once was here. The hotel did more than provide a name, however. It — or rather, the traces it left behind — transformed my way of thinking about gardens and landscape. From an approach…

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A light snow frosts rocks by the driveway.

Winter is Here!

Snow came early this year — our first snowfall was in the middle of November.   The light snow added glamour to slightly tattered bergenia leaves. Sunlight shining through exposed the veins and highlighted the range of colours.     The snow didn’t last, thank goodness. In fact, we had a few days of almost warm weather,…

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