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The sculpture in the distance is in the same place, as are the railings on the drive. The trees have grown -- but not as much as the grass.

The Big Meadow in August

  This summer I’ve been watching what used to be a manicured lawn turn into a meadow.  Seeing the changes month to month has shown that what pleased me in June …     became even better in July.     I was thrilled. Was the transformation from lawn to meadow going to be as…

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A door in a brick wall at The Grove, the garden of the late David Hicks, frames the view of a stone construction beyond.

Framing the View

“No matter how panoramic its scope, a view of surrounding countryside becomes a genuine garden picture only when it has been framed.” – Penelope Hobhouse Recently I came across this statement from the English garden writer and designer Penelope Hobhouse. I read it quickly, nodded in agreement, then paused and read it again. Did I agree? Does…

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We set up the registration desk in the field where people parked. Info about the Foundation was the first thing they saw.

Opening Day

Yesterday’s Open Garden Day was a fabulously exhausting experience. Some 325 people attended, and the feed-back was incredibly positive. Best of all, we raised over $6000  for the Massawippi Foundation — which means we can keep building trails through the land we’ve conserved, opening to the public a beautiful area previously inaccessible and helping more and  more…

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The entry to the China Terrace, with old pillars I found in a local antique store cum junk shop.

My Favourite Place in the Garden

For the last few weeks, everything and everyone at Glen Villa has been focused on preparing for the first (annual?) Open Garden Day on August 4. Twenty volunteers are primed and ready to go, each assigned to a three hour time slot and to a specific area in the garden. When one of the volunteers asked…

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The Lower Garden

It’s garden visit time at Glen Villa. Last week a group from Quebec City visited the garden; this week it’s a group from Ontario and the following week it’s another group from Quebec. Then, on August 4, comes the big Open Garden Day when we could realistically have 500 people or more. I think all…

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