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Tidy work!

Visitors to the Garden

In the last few days, we’ve had visitors in the garden. Some didn’t knock on the door, but they did leave their calling cards to let us know they came around.   I can guess who made those holes, but what creature did the work below?   Birds are always welcome in the garden. Ducks, too.  …

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Nothing says spring more than yellow crocus!

A touch of spring

Envy is not an admirable trait but I have to confess that at this time of year, when gardeners even a short distance to the south of me are picking daffodils and beginning to smell the roses, I am envious. Here, in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, patches of snow are still much in evidence and where…

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The Cascade in early January 2020.

More Advice

Last week I advised myself not to set overly ambitious garden goals for 2020. I must have been under the weather. This week, I’m back to normal, aiming to accomplish most of the goals I set myself even while acknowledging that doing that will mostly likely be impossible. Although I set six goals for the year, I made…

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This is the Sundial Clearing. The shadow of a dead pine tree marks the hours of the day.

Advice I’m Giving Myself

After a month-long break from blogging, I’m back writing and thinking about my garden goals for 2020. And I’m giving myself some stern advice. Don’t try to do too much! Was I crazy to set myself six big goals for 2020? Clearly the answer is yes. Already I can see that completing two of those goals is next…

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Over the years, the plates have shattered.

2020 Goals + One Resolution

If I’m to have any chance of doing all I hope to do in the garden in 2020, I need to do more than set goals. I need to plan and schedule, something I’m not terribly good at. Plus it’s likely that other projects will come up unexpectedly. So I won’t know for sure until this time next…

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