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A bust of Gibberd by Gerda Rubinstein site is viewed comfortably through a house window.

The Gibberd Garden

  Sir Frederick Gibberd was an English architect, landscape designer and town planner. His design for Harlow New Town, generally regarded as the most successful of Britain’s post-WWII developments, is his greatest achievement. His garden is his most personal. Located in Essex on the outskirts of the town he designed, the garden is little known…

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This figure is part of the Governor Phillip fountain in the Sydney Botanical Garden in Australia. This figure represents Agriculture. Other figures represent mining, commerce and navigation. Much smaller are four bas reliefs of Aborigines.

The Kennedy Memorial at Runnymede

Memorials are tricky things to get right. In the past, when heroes were celebrated and the power of rulers was exalted in monuments that forced ordinary people to crane their necks skywards, understanding a memorial was easy. A man on horseback was a triumphant military leader. A statue elevated on a Greek-style plinth was a politician, or perhaps…

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A froth of white dresses the fields and roadsides in Hertfordshire. What do you call this wildflower -- Queen

A Change of (Ad)dress

  The weather at this time of year does strange things to the mind — and to the wardrobe. One day is cold, the next is hot. Changing locations makes the uncertainties even worse. What do I pack? Summer dresses or winter woolies? I arrived in England a few days ago on a chilly morning that…

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Screenshot 2016-05-15 14.07.48

Open Garden Days, New Talks and Garden Tours

  For a year or more I’ve been thinking about opening the garden to the public. Last week I bit the bullet and announced  that on August 4, I’ll be holding an Open Garden Day. The Open Garden Day is a fundraiser for Fondation Massawippi Foundation, a community organization that supports land conservation and special projects in the communities…

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Triliums go by many common names: Wake Robin and Stinking Benjamin are two.

Wild Names Flavoured with Wild Garlic

  NOTE: Several readers have let me know that this blog post only had photos without any words so I’m posting it again.   A walk in the woods at this time of year is a journey of discovery. So many things are there in miniature, waiting to be spotted if you take the time…

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