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Do flowers make a garden?

Must a garden have flowers? Must it have trees and shrubs? Must it have plants at all? I think most people would say yes. But consider England’s great landscape gardens. Some of those designed by Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown in the late 1700s had few if any flowers. And what about that masterpiece of garden art, the…

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Lady Byng, Where Are You?

The hunt is on for a lost peony, the Lady Byng. This special peony was said to be very pretty, and it definitely was colourful, bright crimson carmine with a distinctive cushion of buff and deep red.  It was also expensive: in 1926, it cost an astronomical $35. This is what it looked like:  …

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Happy Birthday to a one-year old blog!

A year ago this week I wrote the first entry for this blog, Glen Villa: Site and Insight. In the introductory post, I acknowledged that I didn’t know how the blog was going to evolve. I know I want to write about my garden, Glen Villa, and about how it got to be what it…

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2013: Glen Villa reviewed

The end of January isn’t the obvious time to do a year-end review, but since 2013 is well and truly over,  it’s now or never. And since next week marks the one year anniversary of this blog, and I plan to review some of the top posts and your comments about them, writing a month…

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Observing and learning

A few months ago Don Stratham, a New York state garden consultant, wrote a blog post about garden mishaps, or learning from failures in the garden, in his blog called Rooting for Ideas. He listed some of his mistakes — and what they had taught him. But what his post made me think of was…

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