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Smoke and Mirrors: More Reflections in the Garden

Two weeks ago I wrote about using water in a garden to reflect the things around it. Water has been used this way for a very long time, and often with a warning attached: think back to the Greek legend of Narcissus, the young boy who fell in love with his reflection in a pool and died. Reflections are…

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We leave our mark wherever we go.

Reflecting on My Tree — and On Other Things

Last week I wrote about reflections in the garden. I intended to continue the theme this week… and I will return to it. But this week I’m reflecting in a different way, looking back at where I’ve been, considering where I’m going to go.     For the last few months I’ve been taking part in…

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Blue sky, puffy white clouds and autumn colour are reflected in the Skating Pond at Glen Villa.

Reflecting on Reflections

Who could walk past this scene without pausing to admire the clouds reflected in the water below?   Reflections show the world around us. They can reveal aspects of a scene we might otherwise miss. They are — or can be — great additions to any garden. But using them well requires thought and planning. Water…

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Hallowe’en in the woods

A technical note: It is no longer necessary to register in order to comment on a post. So please do! In the meantime, don’t be scared, join me for a walk in the woods…  If you go down in the woods today,you’re sure of a big surprise. I went down in the woods — and was…

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