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Out with the Old

For many years a large spruce tree stood at the top of the steps to our front door. We decorated it with lights every Christmas, turning the tree into a celebration of the season. On winter days when all was white, its dark green needles added a welcome touch of colour. I don’t have a…

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Levens Hall

What a wonderful thing it is to fulfill a life-time ambition! I’ve wanted to visit Levens Hall since the early 1960s. That summer, a young English girl arrived in Virginia to spend a year living with me and my family and, as a gift, she brought us a book about English gardens. On the cover…

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Good news!

I’m pleased to share good news on two subjects. First, the French language version of the Glen Villa Art Garden website is now up and running! Many people whose first language is French search the website for information about the garden and events that are taking place. While this blog will remain available in English…

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Announcing — drum roll, please!

Glen Villa has a new website! No longer Site and Insight, the place to go for garden news and reviews is now   Glen Villa Art Garden       On this new site you will find the same write-ups of gardens I visit around the world and the same punchy opinions and commentary about…

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Garden Sparking in Austin, Texas

Last week I was in Austin, Texas to give one of my favourite talks, about using art in a garden. I was there as part of a series  called Garden Spark, arranged by writer and gardener extraordinaire, Pam Penick. (You can find her regular blogs at www.penick.net/digging) The talk was held outdoors at Barton Springs…

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