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My New Garden: A Work in Progress

With warmer weather finally arriving, Jacques, Ken and I have been working on the new garden at York House, just outside North Hatley, Quebec. We extended the border that backed onto the woods, widening it and backing it with a low stone wall. Here is the view before we began work.     Here is…

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Springing Ahead

  Starting a new garden on a piece of familiar land is like embarking on a journey into a country I thought I knew. For years my daughter and her family lived where I now live, and since my old house was only a short walk away, I visited frequently. So I thought I knew…

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Visiting Glen Villa Art Garden

The Open Garden Days last summer were very popular, but now that I’m in a new house, adjacent to my old one, things have to change. There are no Open Garden Days this summer. BUT … here’s the good news. You can still visit the garden! All you need to do is gather a group…

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La Mortella

If asked to define an Italian garden, many of us would mention symmetry, shades of green and statuary with classical themes. La Mortella does not conform to these stereotypes. Rather, it is a garden with an international flair that sings to those with ears to hear. Located on the island of Ischia, in the Bay…

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Garden Plans, revised

Because of technical problems with the distribution of my blog, I am reposting this one, written in early November, 2023. I’ haven’t made any changes, so “last week” was actually many weeks ago. This is the last blog I will be re-posting. While I won’t commit to weekly blog posts going forward, I am aiming…

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