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These seedlings were just sprouting in late March.

Before and After

Despite the lockdown, life at Glen Villa has been, and continues to be, very busy. There is always a lot to do in the garden in springtime but this year, there seems to be more than ever. In March we started seeds under grow lights in the basement…     … before moving them towards the beginning…

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May various-058

Songs for Funny-Faced Ferns

The ferns are poking their heads up above ground, and I photographed several groups of them when I went out this morning for a walk.     Much to my surprise, when I looked closely at the photos, it seemed that conversations were going on.  Some ferns were lecturing, or at least giving instructions to others that were…

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Daffodils bloom on the berm above the Skating Pond.

Daffodils and more

On the weekend, my heart was dancing with Wordsworthian glee. There weren’t ten thousand daffodils in bloom but there were far more than I wanted to count.     For the last umpteen years, we’ve been planting daffodils on the berm above the Skating Pond. I’ve never ordered single varieties, always choosing instead to use…

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This 1000 piece jigsaw of a pointillist painting by Georges Seurat was particularly difficult to do.

It’s Beginning!

This is a strange year. Like most of you, I’ve been spending far more time than usual at home, inside, seeing almost no one apart from my husband. I’ve wasted time and saved my sanity by reading, baking brownies and doing jigsaw puzzles.   The weather has been strange too. Spring came about two weeks earlier…

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crocus (1 of 1)

Hunting for Treasures

A few days ago, I started out to take a walk in the woods. First I passed snowdrops and crocus blooming along the drive.   Most of the crocus were yellow but there were a few pale violets, whites and deep dark purples.     Then I spotted daffodils threatening to bloom.   I passed alongside an…

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