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We see wild turkeys from time to time but rarely in the colder months.

Turkeys at Christmas

We are preparing for the holidays at Glen Villa and waiting eagerly for family and friends to arrive. The group below came early.     I counted 15 of the prehistoric-looking animals munching their way through the field where the long line of crabapple trees grow.     Until last week the field was covered…

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An old hand-coloured postcard shows Glen Villa Inn.

The Job is Done!

The foundation wall of the old Glen Villa Inn is once again standing tall. Rebuilding the wall has been quite a process. In its prime the wall was the base of a grand structure.     Unfortunately, like so many summer resort hotels built of wood, it didn’t last.     A colour postcard of the hotel sent…

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The white sheets are put on at the end of the work week to protect against whatever the weather brings.

More Treasures from the Past

Work continues as we rebuild the foundation wall of the old Glen Villa Inn.     I first wrote about this project a few weeks ago in a post titled We are (Re)Building a Wall and in that post I recounted some of the history of the old hotel.     Last week I wrote about…

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wall rebuild (3 of 4)

Buried Treasures

Slowly the wall that used to hold up the old Glen Villa Inn is beginning to look like a wall again.     As exciting as the re-building are the treasures we discovered when the wall came down. We found glass bottles of all sorts, clear and coloured, broken and unbroken.     Some of the bits of glass…

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The foundation wall has been taken down entirely.

Another One Bites the Dust

The job of rebuilding the hotel foundation wall is progressing but more slowly than we hoped. The slow-down was unavoidable, thanks to (really, no thanks to) the snow that fell this week.     The snow is attractive, no doubt, but it has come much too early.     The early snowfall is one part of…

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