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The China Terrace: A Conceptual Garden

A few weeks ago I told the story of how Glen Villa got its name, from the old resort hotel that once was here. The hotel did more than provide a name, however. It — or rather, the traces it left behind — transformed my way of thinking about gardens and landscape. From an approach…

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A light snow frosts rocks by the driveway.

Winter is Here!

Snow came early this year — our first snowfall was in the middle of November.   The light snow added glamour to slightly tattered bergenia leaves. Sunlight shining through exposed the veins and highlighted the range of colours.     The snow didn’t last, thank goodness. In fact, we had a few days of almost warm weather,…

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An old hand-coloured postcard shows Glen Villa Inn.

A Name from the Past

How do you choose a name for a house and garden? What goes through your mind when you do? History was the determining factor for my husband and me when we chose the name Glen Villa — it was the name of an old resort hotel that once stood on the property.  It was also…

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Drops of water on the back sides of two leaves make an appealing sight on a gloomy day.

Reviewing My ‘Look Ahead’ Plans

Don’t you hate reminding yourself of resolutions made and forgotten? Yesterday, as a gloomy December began, I re-read a blog post I wrote in January. I was looking ahead then to what I wanted to accomplish in 2014. There were loose ends I planned to tie up, and new projects I hoped to start. I’m sad to say…

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Glass, Metal and Shadows

Water and mirrors are probably the most common reflecting surfaces in a garden but glass, which shares many characteristics with them, is another source with additional possibilities. Unlike mirrors, glass is both reflective and transparent. Webster’s Column, a glass and stainless steel sculpture I made to commemorate my husband’s long career in journalism, both reflects the surrounding…

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