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Crocus on the lawn at Glen Villa, April 2015.

Signatures of Spring

Crocus and daffodils are sure signs of spring, and I await their appearance at Glen Villa, my garden in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, with bated breath. (Will snow come again or is it finally safe to remove my winter tires?)   A less common sign of spring here is the flower that was blooming yesterday…

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In January the woods were thick with snow. The sugar camp itself is barely visible, on the left.

A Sugaring Off, or What To Do With All That Maple Syrup?

Winter this year was longer and colder than usual, and the deeper-than-normal snow lingered long past its ‘best before’ date. I worried that spring would be so short that our sugar bush would yield less sap than normal, and so less of that delicious product, maple syrup.     I needn’t have worried. The late…

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The linden tree is framed between two old maple trees, planted over 100 years ago.

Following My Tree: April

Finally, the snow is melting and the ground that has been hidden for so many months is beginning to re-appear. Today temperatures rose to 15C or so, a big change from what we’ve been experiencing. And the sky was bright and beautifully blue.     Despite this, not much is happening yet to the tree…

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The rill at Les Quatre Vents echoes the shape of one at Shute House in Dorset. Does the vegetation close to the rill improve on Sir Geoffrey Jellicoe

Who’s Copying Who?

An earlier version of this post referred to a photo found on line and credited there to the Cultural Landscape Foundation. Thank you to Christine Facer Hoffman for pointing out that the photo said to be of the Garden Cosmic Speculation was actually her own photo, of her own garden at Througham Court. For my review of…

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