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I took this photo in mid-April last year.

Is Anything Blooming at Glen Villa?

After more than a month, I’m heading north in a few days, returning to my garden in Quebec. It’s been a strange winter… the winter that wasn’t, someone called it. So I don’t know what I’ll find in the garden when I finally arrive. I’ve heard that in the Eastern Townships, my part of Quebec,…

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Garden Design features Tree Rings

Tree Rings, the sculpture I created to honour a maple tree at my garden Glen Villa, is featured in Garden Design Magazine’s on-line newsletter. I’m really pleased. Why wouldn’t I be? The article is a wow!   Tree Rings Stainless Steel Sculpture – Garden Design See how laser-cut stainless steel rings pay tribute to an ancient maple…

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The long white bridge is the height of southern romance. It

Magnolia Plantation: A Garden Frozen in Time

  Magnolia Plantation is one of South Carolina’s premier attractions. Located on the Ashley River near Charleston, it bills itself as America’s last large-scale Romantic-style garden. It fits the definition. It is a garden where form, balance and symmetry are thrown to the wind, where views are calculated to appeal to emotion rather than reason and…

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Yum yum!

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

  I don’t normally post more than once a week but the wildlife here on Kiawah Island keeps giving me pictures to share. Yesterday I spotted this Great Blue Heron fishing… and enjoying the catch.    

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Do you think they are gathering for a caucus? Politics is all people are talking about here in South Carolina, so why not the birds as well?

The Wild Life on Kiawah Island

Strictly speaking, the headline on this week’s blog post should read wildlife instead of wild life. Because for the last few weeks life here has been anything but wild. Instead, the days have passed gently, giving me a very welcome break, with time to read, think and bike around the island, enjoying everything I see.…

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