Hotel Foundation Wall, North South Arrow and Compass Rose

The Hotel Foundation Wall is a remnant of Glen Villa Inn, a summer resort hotel that once stood on the property. Built in 1902 by local entrepreneur G. A. LeBaron, the hotel was a major tourist attraction, capable of accommodating 200 guests. The three-storey wooden structure was comfortably rustic in the style of the time. Guests came from across North America, primarily from the American South. The hotel burned down in 1909.

Located in front of the inn’s foundation wall, the North South Arrow is a flower bed in the shape of a double-headed arrow. Over 100 feet long and 18 feet wide, the bed runs north–south, giving maximum exposure to sun-loving shrubs, perennials and ornamental grasses. The grasses are arranged to suggest train tracks, recalling the many Southerners who came to North Hatley by rail to spend summers in Canada’s cooler climes.

The Compass Rose is a raised bed planted with Chinook Sunrise roses. The low circular stone wall that surrounds the bed originally provided a turning-around point for carriages coming to Glen Villa Inn. The circle draws its name from the symbol that shows the orientation of cardinal points on a map.