Patterson Webster
Mythos 2019 – continuing
Slate, copper and silver wire, corrugated tin,
Styrofoam, insulating foam, cedar stump, mirror
Collection of the artist

A wooden signpost burned with the word Mythos points into the woods, towards a series of installations that re-interpret stories and concepts from Greek mythology.

A large piece of slate shaped like an arrowhead points skyward, calling to mind mythological tales about Diana, the huntress, or Acteon, the hunter who became the hunted. The rock faces a tall tree at the base of which the artist has placed tangled tree roots that suggest the snake-haired Medusa and several bolls on stakes that suggest severed heads.

The trail leads to a giant spider web, 7 x 8 ft, stretched between two trees. Visible through the web are figures ranging from 3-6 feet in height. Shaped like herms, square stone pillars used to mark property boundaries in ancient Greece and Rome, these column-like figures suggest men turned to stone by Medusa’s gaze. On a nearby hilltop, a 10-ft corrugated tin column stands on a base with the words Here Hear Hera. The words link the voice of the original Mother Earth, later co-opted to become the wife of the God Zeus, with birdsongs, the voice of the wind and other sounds of nature.

The trail continues towards another corrugated tin column and a mirrored circle. Angled on the ground, the mirror reflects a view chosen by the viewer, either of the forest alone or herself within it.